A 3-Part Design Sprint

I enjoyed reading a recent post by Nina Simon that asked, “What Does a Great Distributed Digital Museum Experience Look Like?.” It’s a good question because museum products, especially digital ones, often have a predictable set of functions and features. So I’d like to offer museum professionals the following three-part design challenge:

Design a product or experience…
Challenge A) while assuming users already know all of the information you plan to teach.
If every visitor/user was an expert of your topic, would there still be a worthwhile experience you could offer them? What would it look like?
Challenge B) that performs your mission but offers no information about your institution.
Museum apps and websites almost always feature information about wayfinding, collections, planning a visit, and other happenings around the museum. Can you dream up a product that fits with your mission but isn’t about your organization and its stuff?
Challenge C) that you, personally, would use at least once a day for a week.
Can you make a product that begs repeat use even by the people who know your material inside and out?

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